Civil & Utilities

Protect communities and critical utility and infrastructure assets with Hebel’s range of fire certified and acoustic wall solutions.

Designed for the utilities and infrastructure sectors, Hebel fire and acoustic wall systems are high performing, proven solutions that are fast to construct without the constraints of pre-cast concrete installations.

The Hebel PowerShield High Performance Fire Wall System has been developed to protect tunnels, power stations and substations from petrochemical fire damage up to 1300oC. The Hebel PowerShield Acoustic Absorption Wall System, with the same fire protection performance as the standalone fire wall system, is also an exceptional resonant noise cancellation system that can be tuned to deliver a resonant barrier for frequencies under 150Hz.

Where noise reduction from industry, major roads and rail corridors is required, Hebel SoundBarrier is the ideal solution; extremely cost-effective, lightweight and easy to install when compared with pre-cast concrete. Added to this is the option of customised patterns at comparatively low cost through the versatility of post-production machining.